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Sy Smith

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1 Sy Smith on Tue Sep 07, 2010 6:01 pm

Sy Olivia Smith (born February 18, 1978) is an American singer-songwriter. Born in New York, New York, Smith rose to fame in the late 1990s when she sign a recording contract with Hollywood Records. She is often referred to as The Underground Queen of R&B and Soul.
Smith released her album Psykosoul in 2000, which spawned the singles "Good N Strong" and "Gladly". Following the release of her first album, Smith left Hollywood due to lack of promotion. By 2004, Smith had signed another recording contract with Kajmere Records
and later in 2005 began her own recording label known as Pysko! Records. In 2005, Smith re-issued of her first album entitled, Psykosoul Plus, with the new single "Welcome Back". Later that year, Smith released her sophomore album The Syberspace Social spawning the three new singles "Fa'Sho", "Aquaris Rising", and "No Place Like Love". In 2006, Smith released a single "Fill in the Blanks". While embarking on her tour in 2007, Sy Smith released her first live DVD Sy Smith Live: Worship At The Temple, recorded live at Temple Bar in Santa Monica, California.
In 2008, Smith released her third studio album, Conflict, with the lead single "Fly Away With Me". With album finally creating a buzz, Smith released three other singles "Conflict", "Spies", and "Ain't Nobody's Bizness".


Sy Smith performing at Jazz Summernight's Festival.Sy Smith is a high-pitched soprano with a whistle register as demonstrated in her songs "Fly Away With Me", "Star", and "Deep Sleep". Smith's whistle tone has closely been compared to Minnie Riperton's whistle tone who has displayed this in a live version of Minnie Riperton's song "Would All The People from Compton Please Leave". While Smith has been known for her high-pitched vocals, she can also sing in an alto range.

Smith has been influenced by singers such as Minnie Riperton, Diana Ross, and James Brown. Although Sy Smith has done many R&B influenced songs, her primary musical style is heavily influenced by go-go and funk music. Smith has also influenced musical artists such as E Reece, N'Dambi, and other well-known singers

Smith has widely been known to wear big glasses or shades during her performances. She has also been known to wear her hair in an afro style usually accompanied by flower. Aside from her stage presence, Smith prefers mostly to sing close to microphone on the stand.

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